7 Ways to Instantly De-Stress

Calm down with these quick tricks.

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Updated on February 9, 2022.

You probably know some of the familiar feelings of stress: a racing heart and a mind that seems to be darting in every direction at once. But stress can also show up with physical symptoms like frequent headaches, colds, tiredness, and back pain. Before your worries get out of hand, there are some simple and effective steps that may quickly shift your mood.

Smell this scent

Lavender oil is a traditional remedy for nervousness and anxiety. Next time you’re stressed, dab some oil on your wrists, collarbone, or chest, and inhale deeply. Spray some on your pillow and bedsheets for a comforting scent as you sleep.

Focus on your breath

Deep breathing, also called belly breathing, can help you disengage from bothersome thoughts. It’s simple: Just breathe in deeply through your nose, letting your chest and belly rise up. Slowly exhale through your mouth or nose. Practice once or twice a day, building up to 10 minutes at a time.

Eat chocolate

Some research shows that eating dark chocolate lowers stress levels. Keep your snack size to around an ounce and a half per day to reap the benefits without taking in excess calories.

Get back to nature

Listening to nature-based sounds like running waterfalls or rainstorms can help reduce stress and anxiety. When you need to decompress, switch on nature-based tracks and unwind. You can experience nature sounds and images on Sharecare or find some on your favorite music streaming service.

Reach out to a friend

Catching up with a friend can change your frame of mind. It can be a quick call or text to let someone know you’re thinking about them. Just be sure to pick someone who doesn’t irritate you or stress you out.

Look at baby animal pictures

Trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, and reduced productivity are all side effects of stress. Luckily, there’s an adorable (and research-backed) way to deal with that lost productivity: look at cute baby animal pictures. Instagram is a great place to find heartwarming accounts of your favorite animal. Just set a timer so you don’t get sucked into a social-media spiral.

Laugh it up

Laughing triggers endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormones. Share a giggle with co-workers. Before or after work, listen to a comedy podcast or follow your favorite joke or meme accounts on social media.

Stress can have troublesome health effects, including increased heart attack risk, breathing problems, and stomach issues. Aim to get your stress under control to reduce your risk of developing these related conditions.

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