As a beginner, can I walk into a Vinyasa yoga class and keep up?

There are beginner Vinyasa-style yoga classes (Slow Flow or Vinyasa Level 1) offered and you should start there first, if possible. Since Vinyasa does flow from one pose to another without a lot of emphasis on feeling and finding the pose alignment, and to avoid any potential injury, it is beneficial to introduce yourself to a non-flowing style first, such as an Introduction to Hatha Yoga or any Basic Yoga class. Although, as with any yoga class, you may always feel free to take a rest in Child's Pose (Balasana) wherein you sit back on the heels, big toes together and walk the hands and arms in front of you while you descend the forehead toward the mat. You can then join back in with the class when it feels right for you. It is important to remember that yoga is a non-competitive practice which is ever-changing depending on how you and your body show up each day. Some days your body will take you easily through an entire class with strong energy and some days you may need to honor yourself with a few breaks or even a more gentle practice.

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