Is it safe to travel during week 11 of pregnancy?

By week 11, you may be starting to feel pregnant and wonder whether travel is still safe at this point. The answer is usually yes -- in most cases, if your pregnancy has been problem-free so far and you're not at risk for preterm labor, any type of travel is generally safe for you. If you travel by plane, you may wish to avoid very long flights; also, flights in unpressurized aircraft that fly over 7,000 feet can affect your blood pressure and the amount of oxygen your baby is getting. (If you have cardiovascular problems, severe anemia, or sickle cell disease, consult your doctor before traveling.) Make sure you walk around frequently to increase circulation. Consult your doctor if your travel plans will take you someplace to which new vaccines or other precautions for communicable diseases will be needed. If you travel by car, always wear your safety belt -- if you wear it properly (the lap part under your abdomen across your thighs, and the shoulder strap over your collarbone between your breasts) it won't be uncomfortable. The biggest risk of travel is being away from your regular doctor who can help you in case of problems, so just be careful while you're away and don't overexert yourself through travel.

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