Can B12 injections help relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms?

There is no proof that vitamin B12 injections can relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). However, there are some associations between MS and vitamin B12 that some researchers believe are worth exploring.

Some studies have indicated that people who have multiple sclerosis are more likely to have deficiencies of vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential to normal nerve functioning, and deficiencies can cause neurological problems that may mimic symptoms of MS. Vitamin B12 appears to play an important role in the formation of myelin, the fatty tissue that forms a protective sheath around nerves and is vital to normal nerve function. MS is a disease in which there is a breakdown of myelin.

No evidence has yet been found that vitamin B12 supplements help to prevent the onset of MS or slow the progression of the illness in people who have it. Talk to your doctor about your own vitamin B12 needs.

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