Why do I crave sugar when I exercise?


Your body has two primary energy reserves; carbohydrates and fat. When you burn through your carbohydrate reserve it is natural to feel hungry and crave sugar. This craving for sugar is your body's natural need for more energy. The trick is to satisfy these craving with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains versus refined carbohydrates such as chips, cookies and pastries. Eating healthy carbohydrates will provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and maximizes your weight loss efforts.

Emilia Klapp
Nutrition & Dietetics
Muscles burn two forms of fuel: Sugar and fat. People who are physically unfit or who have too much body fat will burn off sugar quickly but are inefficient at burning fat, which provides long-term fuel over longer bouts of exercise, especially aerobic exercise. This causes a drop in blood sugar and a hunger for sweets. If you eat sweets at this point, they tend to be converted into fat. If you ignore the urge and eat nothing, your body still seeks fuel and will draw on the protein in your muscles as a source, causing you to lose lean body mass. To improve your overall conditioning -- and quiet the sugar cravings -- combine both weight lifting and aerobic exercise into your fitness regimen. This combination will boost your ability to burn both sugar and fat, leaving your lean muscle mass intact.

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