What are common ways to commit suicide?
Though you may not be able to control some of the means of suicide, you should be aware of them. Some of these means are listed below.
  • Chemicals: Household cleaning products or pesticides, as used on farms, are common and unpleasant methods of suicide. Pesticides are a significant cause of suicide in developing countries.
  • Weapons: Common and easily available means of self harm are: ropes, knives and guns. Families may remove the offending items from plain view so that they are not a temptation. Ammunition should be locked away. In the general community, ropes may not be considered as weapons but they are the most common method of suicide in western nations. Another common method is cutting one's self.
  • Jumping or throwing self: People who are reckless or impulsive are at risk for suicide by this means. Whereas the individual needs to think about the method and make a plan if other means might be used, this way can be achieved with very little forethought. Metro or underground train services or high bridges are often chosen as a method. It is difficult to see how family can prevent this type of suicide. It is unwise for a person who is at times unstable to live on an upper floor of an apartment building (block of flats).
  • Driving fast and recklessly or carbon monoxide poisoning: Crashing a car at speed gives the appearance of an accident and may remove some of the guilt felt when more obvious methods are chosen. Using the exhaust fumes from a vehicle to induce unconsciousness and death is also one method used. Removing the car keys when other symptoms you recognize as triggers are present will avoid the person starting or using a car.

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Suicide & Suicidal Behavior

Hopeless, worthless, no other solution to life's problems - these are thoughts that lead to suicide. A suicidal person feels that there is no other answer to their problems. If anyone you know is talking about suicide, take it ser...

iously. While fleeting thoughts are common, anyone with a suicide plan needs help. Don't ignore suicidal behavior. Encourage them to see a doctor - someone who can help them with their problems.

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