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Is there a cure for a stroke?

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    Unfortunately, there is no cure for stroke. Getting tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) treatment as rapidly as possible in the appropriate setting can minimize the permanent brain damage from strokes. In many cases people may make meaningful and even remarkable recoveries after a stroke, but most people are left with permanent disabilities.
  • Is there a cure for a stroke?
    "Once a stroke happens, there is a certain amount of brain damage,” explains neurologist Raul Guisado, MD, of Regional Medical Center in San Jose. Watch this video to learn if the damage can be cured or reversed.
  • Doctors have some exciting new therapies for the treatment of stroke. Blockages in brain blood vessels causing a blockage-type stroke called large vessel occlusion (LVO) can now be opened up with tiny catheter-based devices such as retrievable stents and vacuum suction devices. These novel devices have helped expand the time window for treatment of stroke beyond the traditional three-hour time window for clot-dissolving medications.
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  • Unfortunately, there is no cure for strokes. A stroke requires emergency medical attention, and even with early treatment, the condition can be fatal. Severe bleeding or a lack of blood flow in the brain can cause permanent damage, and in many cases, people have lasting physical problems that may affect their mobility, speech, or memory.

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