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What should I do if I find exercise boring?

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    If you're having trouble starting an exercise program because you're afraid you'll get bored, then do what you love! If you like to run, walk on a treadmill or participate in spinning class, great. If you find working out boring, watch television, read or listen to music while you work out to help pass the time.

    If you don't enjoy exercise equipment, explore other possibilities: garden, clean your house, walk the dog, go canoeing, dance, play a game with family or friends or even walk in place or lift hand weights while watching television. Consider taking one of the many classes offered through gyms, recreation centers, studios and senior centers. They're as varied as Zumba, weightlifting, water aerobics, Pilates and yoga, to name just a few. Mix it up so you don't get bored.
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  • Make it fun!  Find something that you find enjoyable and do it.  Exercising and getting healthy doesn't need to be boring.  I personally do not like to run just to run.  In order for running to be fun for me, I need a ball involved. So that is why I incorporate soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. into my running program. 

  • Sounds simple but make it fun. Exercise does not have to be in a gym, on a treadmill or lifting weights. Exercise is simply activity that increases the heart rate for a period of time. That said walking the dog, playing catch with your kids, playing a sport, riding a bicycle are all forms of exercise which raise the heart rate.

    Another way to reduce boredom is to take a group exercise class or join a gym with a friend. Social support and having a friend to share conversation with during the exercise will greatly reduce boredom and enhance participation. 

  • If you find your exercise boring, find something you enjoy doing. Mix it up. Try different activities on different days. Exercise with someone else to keep you company. If you can, try exercising while listening to music or watching television.
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