Staying Motivated For Fitness & Exercise

Staying Motivated For Fitness & Exercise

Staying Motivated For Fitness & Exercise

Motivation is key to sticking with an exercise routine. Set goals, find a workout partner, change up your routine or learn a new sport. Your exercise plan doesn’t have to remain the same, so by adding variety and a support system you can reboot your desire for fitness.

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    The top five excuses for not exercising are:

    I don't have time.

    Once you decide to proceed with an exercise program, you will need to find time. Make it a priority and schedule it as you would schedule a meeting or an appointment. Start by finding at least two times during the week when you can set aside 30 minutes, perhaps during a lunch break or before or after work or when the rest of your family is busy watching a favorite television show. Work up to a goal of exercising or being physically active for 30 minutes most days of the week.

    I am too tired.

    That's probably true, but here's one of those places where a leap of faith is necessary. If you start exercising, you will likely to have more energy and sleep better. Try to plan exercise at a time during the day when you're not usually tired. At the beginning, you may have to force yourself to get up and do it, but eventually, you may look forward to it. Keep focusing on reasons you're doing this.

    I am too unhealthy or overweight or disabled to exercise.

    Physical activity is necessary for everyone. It is not only encouraged but often prescribed as part of treatment for conditions such as diabetes, a heart disease, arthritis, obesity, and osteopenia. If you have knee or hip problems, lower-impact activities such as biking, swimming, and yoga may be more comfortable than walking or jogging. If you have physical limitations, some exercises can be done in a chair, in water, or even while lying in bed. Appropriate exercise often increases mobility, stamina, and emotional well-being.

    I get bored exercising.

    Boredom could mean that you haven't found the right activity yet. Or boredom could be a good sign. It may indicate that you've mastered the level and it's time to move on. Change some of the exercises, add new ones, or mix up your routine somehow. Once you get stronger, new activities are easier and more fun to do.

    I don't have enough money to exercise.

    It's not necessary to join a fancy health club or buy huge pieces of equipment. Walking is free. It is often possible to buy inexpensive weights in discount stores or secondhand weights in classified ads. You can make your own weights by filling small, plastic soda bottles with sand or water. Short exercise routines at home don't take much space or equipment. To get your body moving, you can just turn on

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    If you dont like to "exercise" in the formal sense, become an accidental exerciser.  Make your home, office, and the environment your gym.  All movement/physical activity is exercise (everything counts).

    Here are some tips that you can incorporate into your day:
    1. Walk 10,000 steps/day (buy a pedometer, track your steps and add 250 steps/day until you get to 10,000)
    2. Take the stairs
    3. Park as far away from your destination as possible and walk
    4. Find an activity you love (walking, riding bike, hiking, dancing, yoga, etc)....remember all physical activity counts!
    5. Try some basic at home body weight exercises that you can do during commercials while you are watching TV:
         a. Push ups
         b. Bridges
         c. Lunges

    Physical activity is an EXTREMELY important component to your healthy lifestyle!
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    Motivation is a process and deals with the direction and intensity of behavior – what you choose to do and how hard you choose to do it. So, building motivation deals not only with the activities you choose to engage but also how hard you try at these activities. One of the strongest ways of building motivation is to increase your self-confidence in the behavior you are engaging. For example, if you are trying to build your motivation to be physically active it is important to focus on being successful at increasingly more difficult bouts of exercise. This process should be very gradual but over time you should be looking to increase the difficulty of the task. For example, the number of days you walk; the intensity you walk; the duration of your walk.  With each performance accomplishment, i.e., successful attempt, you will enhance your self-confidence and establish an “I can do this” mindset. Another way to enhance your self-confidence is to watch people similar to you be successful at the same activity you are attempting. You’ll find that the “if she can do it, I can do it” mind set is another powerful source of self-confidence that will help build motivation.      
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    During the winter months, the cold morning air may lure you to stay in bed a bit longer, and abandon your morning workout. Consider grabbing an exercise buddy. An exercise partner can help you to stay committed to your fitness routine, despite the cold temperatures or other confounding issues. When you don’t feel like exercising, your buddy can push you to stay committed, and it’s certainly more fun to exercise with a friend. Or, why not try a new winter sport like ice skating, which provides a huge aerobic payoff, as well as lower body toning benefits. 
    If you don’t want to leave your warm and cozy home, then you can invest in some exercise DVDs, or search for an online exercise program or cable TV fitness programming, all of which can offer a solid workout in the comfort of your home. You can also plan to do your workout during your lunchtime break or after work, since it may be easier to face the cold once you’ve left home. 
    Appropriate outdoor exercise wear can also help to inspire your exercise habit. Use layering, and invest in exercise clothes with built in wicking and thermal technology.  Wool socks can also keep feet warm during an outdoor run.
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    An exercise partner can help you stay motivated, even if your partner can't make it to every session. Having someone join you for a walk every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday means that you will be more likely to stick to your routine on those days, because now two people are counting on you -- you and your partner. It also becomes a social experience, which often helps the time pass more quickly.
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    There are tons of ways to exercise without a gym. First, buy a pedometer to count your steps. Soon you’ll be walking all over the place. You can also try exercises classes or DVD on home TV like zumba or yoga. You’ll be amazed at how fun they are. You could even join a sports team. Tennis, soccer, even kickball are great ways to work out and make new friends. Or, at the very least, you can always exercise at home! There are plenty of workouts that use your body and household items as a gym. Even stepping of the intensity of some household chores can be a work out. Did you know that scrubbing floors for 30 minutes can burn 189 calories? To get yourself started, get the YOU: On a Diet II DVD or check out the Transform You2 program. You’ll be getting as good a work out as you would at a gym, but saving some major dough. Remember form is important, so get a trainer or knowledgeable friend to check you out periodically.
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    If you haven't found an activity that's almost as much fun as sex, keep looking. Try skating, urban rebounding, taking a Zumba class, or all three. (Variety is spice for your mind and muscles.) Think back to activities you loved as a kid. Were you a double-dutch champ? Buy a beaded rope and start skipping; teach your kids how to do jumping jacks. Then, next time you hear us say, "Walk 30 minutes a day, no excuses," grab your rope and blow us off.
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    Outdoors? Indoors? There is no right answer! What works for you? What are your needs? What helps to motivate you? To start it might help you to think about which environment you most enjoy: indoors or outdoors? Exercising in an enjoyable environment is a great start. Next think about what kinds of activities you enjoy (versus 'have to do') to do in that environment. It might help to sit with a peice of paper and make a list of all the activities you might enjoy doing in your favorite environment. For example, if your favorite environment is outdoors there are numerous things you can do outdoors: walking, biking, hiking, basketball, tennis, etc. 

    There really is no 'right' environment or 'right' equipment or 'right' exercise. It all depends on you and what's the best motivation for you. 
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    There are two factors that are crucial to the success of your physical activity plan. One is that you truly enjoy the activities that you do. There are enough choices that virtually everyone can find an activity he or she genuinely loves. For example, if you walk, find someone you enjoy walking with -- soon the walks will be the most fun parts of the day.

    The second is that you have the support of your family. Talk to your spouse or partner about the need for physical activity and its importance for both of you. Each of you can set physical activity goals. When one of you reaches a goal, have the other cook a really tasty saturated-fat-free celebratory meal or give some other reward. It may sound corny, but encouraging someone to stay in shape is the best way to say, "I love you." It means you want that person to be around for a long time. Use physical activity as a way to be together in spite of busy schedules. You can tell each other about the day's events just as easily walking together or exercising on bikes at the gym as you can in front of the TV at home.

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    Communication is the key. But how is it best to communicate? I find using humor works the best. Try it next time you are working out. Try one of these on "Wow you are more of a hard ass than my boss." "Somebody is getting a spanking if they keep that up." "Do you want to head to the urinals and duke it out?" "Do you want me to get a cardboard box and put your things in it?" or "Okay competitive smurf."
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