How is biochemotherapy for skin cancer given?

Biochemotherapy (a combination of chemotherapy drugs and immunotherapy agents) for skin cancer patients involves the following:
  • The treatment will require an inpatient hospitalization of five to seven days for each course of therapy.
  • The treatment will be a combination of chemotherapy agents (cisplatin, dacarbazine, Velban) and immunotherapy agents (interleukin-2, interferon). Dacarbazine will be given intravenously (in a vein, IV) on day one of treatment only. Cisplatin and Velban will be given by IV once daily on days one through four. Interleukin-2 will be given as a continuous IV infusion on days one through four. Interferon will be given as a subcutaneous injection (shot under the skin) daily on days one through five.
  • Patients will be evaluated approximately two to three weeks after a course of therapy for response.
  • Additional courses of therapy may be offered depending on response and tolerance to treatment.

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