How can I reduce the risk of getting skin cancer on my lips?

Could cancer on your lips sound any less appealing? More than 60% of regular sunscreen-users skip their lips. But faithfully applying, and reapplying, SPF could reduce your risk of skin cancer there by half.

Many of us learned the hard, blistery way that every little sun-exposed part of our bodies -- from the tops of our feet to the tips of our ears -- needs equal sun protection. But since many of us forget our lips, it's no wonder that they're a surprisingly common spot for squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common type of skin cancer

Be picky about what you put on your lips. Dermatologists believe wearing shiny lip gloss can actually attract more UV rays to your lips. So use an SPF-fortified lip balm and reapply several times a day, including after eating or swimming and whenever you touch up your lipstick.

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