What are the benefits of swimming for older adults?

In older adults who have been cleared by their doctor to engage in moderate exercise, swimming has a number of health benefits. Swimming can improve mental health by improving mood. In individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia, swimming can decrease anxiety. For those with arthritis, it can help improve the use of joints without aggravating symptoms and can help decrease pain that is associated with osteoarthritis. In addition, swimming has also been shown to lower blood pressure in older adults.

Dr. Kathleen Hall
Preventive Medicine
Swimming is an easy exercise to begin at any age. It is especially good for anyone who has injuries, diseases, or conditions that prohibit them from doing regular aerobic exercise. There are incredible benefits to swimming. A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that water exercise improved elderly participant's health. Women from the ages of 60 to 75 years old participated in swimming and water exercise for 12 weeks. The study showed these women had increased muscle strength, greater flexibility, loss of body fat, and increased agility compared to the women who did not participate
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