Should I see a dentist if I have a tooth ache and I am pregnant?

If you experience toothache while pregnant, call your dentist and tell him or her what you are feeling and if you have had any complications while pregnant. If your dentist is unavailable and you feel as if you have an emergency, go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital. A dentist is usually on call. You should discuss the risks of X-rays and anesthesia with the doctor or dentist. Emergency dental procedures during pregnancy should only be attempted to treat or prevent infections, for pain relief, and to lessen the distress for both mother and child.

Yes. It's always better to treat dental problems as soon as they are discovered and pregnancy is no exception. In the case of dental emergency such as a toothache, some drugs and anesthetics can be used during and after dental treatment to make you more comfortable. Inform your dentist of any prescription or over-the-counter drug you are taking. This will help your dentist determine what type of drug, if any, will be prescribed for you.

Your dentist can consult with your physician to determine the drugs -- such as painkillers or antibiotics -- you may safely take during the pregnancy. Discuss any concerns with your dentist and physician. Both are concerned about you and your unborn child.

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