What are the treatment options for parasitic skin infections?

Susan Evans
You can see your doctor and ask for a complete parasitic panel, including stool study if you have symptoms of chronic inflammation or poor digestion. There are antibiotics that treat parasites, however most will grow back with eggs, if you do not follow the proper procedures. There are also natural remedies that give relief to parasites and kill them, and their eggs, off. There also is holistic treatment for parasitic conditions that will normally knock out the parasitic infection with strong herbs. See your local herbalist for evaluation if antibiotics are not right for you. Ginger is a good staple to keep in your diet, it has long been used in Africa and India to treat parasites. Look also for antiparasitic herbs as wormwood bark, to treat common parasites infestations.

It is also important to have regular bowel movements. As parasites can be in your digestive track, that need to make their way through. Eat plenty of fiber, or cleanse 2 times a year, to keep your digestive health moving.

Most forms of parasitic skin infections are treated primarily with topical medications to get rid of the parasites. In the case of swimmer's itch, which is a rash that affects people who swim in lakes and ponds that are infected with parasites, corticosteroid creams help clear up the infection. For comfort, some people find that bathing in colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salts, or baking soda helps ease the itch, as does the use of cool compresses. Calamine lotion is also recommended.

In more serious cases, such as scabies, chemical treatments are generally prescribed, along with other medications, like crotamiton.  For those infestations that are more serious and are not responding to topical medications, your physician may prescribe oral medications. In the case of mites and because scabies spreads so quickly, people who have been close to you, such as family members, may be also treated. A different and more serious form of swimmer's itch called schistosomiasis, found in South America, is treated with an oral antiparasite medication called praziquantel.

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