What is physical pain?

Pain is a sensation caused by a certain type of message being sent through the nervous system. Physical pain is what most people refer to when they say something hurts on their body and is associated with damage to tissues of their body. Physical pain can be caused by many things and can be described as throbbing, aching, or burning. Physical pain can also be described as acute, meaning it is only present for a short period of time, or chronic, meaning it lasts for months.

Jane Milliff
Physical Therapy

When I decided to go to physical therapy school, how did I miss the fact that every day I would be discussing pain? I thought about helping people walk and move with ease, but pain never seemed like the biggest deal. Oh, how I have learned!

Physical therapists think about pain and its behavior for at least half their day. Yes, we are interested in FUNCTION - whether a person can tie their shoes, sit for long periods at work, or run a 10K, but most of the time, for our client, function is limited by THE PAIN that happens with positions or activities. So, the bottom line is this: clients usually come to us because they are experiencing pain.

Even though we're pretty good at helping people through painful episodes, pain can sometimes be mysterious. This video gives insight into pain and why it might be so COMPLEX. That's why Physical Therapists need to have so many different treatment approaches that look at the WHOLE you and make this journey with you so individualized. It's really about you - all of you.

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Understanding Pain:
What to do about it in less
than five minutes?

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