My Story: Corrine and IDA

After moving into a new home, Corrine thought she was exhausted and worn out. Luckily, her healthcare provider was able to diagnose the true culprit—iron deficiency anemia. See what she has to say about iron-deficiency anemia in this video.

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We did two iron infusions once a week for two weeks. Every six months I go in and I get my blood tested.
Iron-deficiency anemia is when I don't have enough red blood cells and I don't have enough iron in my body. I become very tired.
I bruise very easily. I lose hair. When I was 40 years old, I moved here from New York
to Atlanta, Georgia. And I had thought that maybe from moving and doing too much
that I had exhausted myself. So I went to the doctor. They decided to do a battery of tests.
They tested my blood. They saw that my ferritin levels were very low. After about three months of testing, my results came back.
And I had iron-deficiency anemia. When I first found out, it scared me a little bit.
Because I have always been the one has taken care of my kids. And I had to put myself first, which is hard.
We did two iron infusions once a week for two weeks. And every six months, I go in and I
get my blood tested to see if my body is absorbing iron properly. To have to slow down has been a huge wake up call for me.
I have an increase of energy. I don't have hair loss anymore. I do have slight bruising.
And I now know the signs to look for. If I'm feeling dizzy, I can tell right away when I
need to just slow things down. But for a person who was recently diagnosed with anemia,
my advice is, it is scary, because it's the unknown. But there are so many different methods out there
to treat anemia and iron-deficiency anemia. So listen to what your body is telling you.
Listen to your doctors. And there's so many people out there that have a similar situation who are experiencing
the same thing. So you're not alone.

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