What should I do if I get hit in the testicles?

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  • Testicles are a very sensitive organ. At first, you don't need to do anything. You can ice, but more importantly, you should make sure that the pain starts to go away within hours. If the pain continues, then we worry about extensive swelling from a bleed and a twisting of the testis, which can be very dangerous. If the pain doesn't go away, you should consult your physician.
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    If you have the unfortunate luck of sustaining a blow to your testicles, you should use some kind of scrotal support (i.e. jock strap) and apply ice packs to the groin as quickly as possible to reduce swelling; reapply every 3-4 hours afterwards for the first 12 hours or so. An anti-inflammatory pain medicine (i.e. ibuprofen) may be helpful.

    If swelling or tenderness are not reduced within 24 hours, or if you pass blood in your urine, see a doctor. If a blood vessel is leaking, it may need to be surgically repaired. Blood in the scrotum, or distended veins in the scrotum, can raise the temperature of the testicles and reduce, or stop, the production of sperm. This is definitely not a part of the body you want to take chances with! 
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