What are the symptoms of flint disease?

If you experience dry cough, breathlessness, chest pain, wheezing, or fingernails that curve over your fingertips, you may suffer from flint disease. The most common symptoms are dry cough and breathlessness; these can occur with even mild to moderate physical activity, such as common household tasks. Please note that many other factors can cause breathlessness and dry cough, such as asthma, bronchitis, excess weight, and heart problems.

Left untreated, flint disease and other interstitial lung diseases can cause heart failure resulting in death, due to lack of oxygen entering the blood.

As soon as you experience unusual breathing problems, contact your doctor. Tell your doctor if you have been exposed to dust from the cutting of stone, wood, or other materials. Symptoms of flint disease and other interstitial lung diseases may not present themselves for years, but when they do, lung damage is treatable but irreversible.

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