What safety precautions are recommended for diabetics?

Always be prepared to identify yourself as a diabetic, in waiting areas, long lines or areas where you are inconvenienced to have a meal or take your medication.

When travelling, always have glucose tablets or orange juice at hand.

Never take medication for diabetes if you are not sure when your next meal is.

Never take some one else’s' medication.

Know the side effects of your medications.

Know the warning signs for glycemic attack, when your sugar is low or when it’s high.

Structure a plan with your primary care provider and pharmacist to have refills, avoid empty prescriptions

Personal Care: Diabetes and physical activities goes hand in hand, control of diabetes is better managed when the individual engages in physical activities, walking, running, gardening, swimming, etc. 

Enjoy eating more vegetables and fruits, drink sugar free water more often than sugary drinks. 

Monitor glucose levels with a home tester, keep a diary with your readings and provide a summary to your care provider

Skin care is essential. Choose a day of the month when you do a full skin examination pay attention to limbs, toes or areas where you may not notice day to day.

Lubricate dry skin well, and pat dry areas where moisture is constant, pubic are essentially.

If you use needles, avoid using dirty needles, do not reuse needles, and do not share needles. Dispose needles in a container that is not accessible by children or for removal. Ask your pharmacy for recommendations on proper disposal.



Dr. Ornish made some excellent recommendations in his reply. Needle safety is another important item.

  • Always use a sharps container to discard used needles, particularly when you are outdoors. If you don't have a proper sharps container, anything that can be sealed and is solid can be used, e.g. an empty jar with lid, an empty tin can with a snap on lid.
  • Never toss used needles into the garbage or on the ground. 
  • Keep sharps away from children, clean or dirty...that's the needles not the kids!

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