Heart Surgeries

When can I shower after heart surgery?

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  • You may shower if your surgeon has approved this prior to discharge. Your incisions may itch or feel sore, tight, or numb for a few weeks. Some bruising around the incisions is also normal.
    • Use warm, not hot, water.
    • You may wash your incisions gently with soap and water, but do not scrub them.
    • Pat your incisions dry.
    • Do not take baths or use powders or lotions near the incisions.
    You may have white pieces of tape on your chest. These are called "Steri-Strips." They will gradually fall off. If they have not fallen off in seven days, gently wash your chest with soap and water and gently peel them off. You may have some bleeding if the strips pulled off any scabs.

    If you find it more comfortable, a thin layer of gauze may be placed over the incision(s).
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