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How much dental floss should I use at a time to floss my teeth?

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  • Flossing is important to maintaining good overall oral health. Floss once daily using about 18 inches of floss. This will help remove decay-causing plaque that toothbrush bristles cannot reach.

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    Usually 18 inches of floss is used in the procedure. This allows for adequate wrapping of the floss around the middle finger on each hand. You will then leave about 1 inch unwrapped for the cleaning process. In the way you can proper control the floss for plaque removal, and you will be able to move to a clean section of floss as your progress around your mouth.

    You use your thumb and forefinger to guide the floss between the teeth, carefully curving the floss around the tooth in a C shape at the level of the gum. The floss is then gently and carefully moved up and down.
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    To properly floss your teeth, you need about 18 inches of dental floss wrapped around the middle fingers of each hand. About one inch will remain in the middle for you to guide between your teeth.
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