Is it true that I should not eat meats and starches at the same time?

That is an old myth that still resurfaces in popularity every once in a while. The premise behind the myth is that enzymes for digestion of protein and starch occur in different areas of the intestine, so combining them will somehow confuse the body and cause all sorts of problems. The human body is amazing in its design, and can definitely handle meat and potatoes at one sitting. During the digestive process, the food eaten is exposed to enzymes and mashed and squished by the intestinal muscles into a paste called chyme. This mixing motion in the guts allows the food to be continuously exposed to the enzymes so that digestion, and ultimately absorption, can occur. There is absolutely no published data or research to lend validity to the belief that food should be separated.
Shari Portnoy
Nutrition & Dietetics
The body is an amazing phenomenon, 2nd to none. We have billions, yes billions, of absorptive cells that are miscroscopic. Most foods are a combination of many nutrient groups, so essentially we are eating many food groups at all times.

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