How do I deposit money into the health savings account (HSA)?

Deposits into a health savings account (HSA) usually can be made in one or more ways, depending on your particular HSA.
  • Online transfers. You may be able to sign up to link your personal checking or savings account to your HSA. Once you have signed up for this service, you may be able to request that recurring transfers of a certain amount are made automatically from your linked account to your HSA.
  • Payroll deductions. If you have an employer-sponsored health plan, your employer may be able to contribute to your HSA through payroll deductions. If so, these contributions may be eligible on a pre-tax basis, which decreases your taxable income. Talk to your employer for more information about this option.
  • Check or money order. You may be able to contribute to your HSA the "old-fashioned way," simply by writing a check or depositing a money order, using a deposit slip from your HSA.
  • Transfer/rollover. If you want to transfer or roll over funds to your HSA from an existing HSA or MSA (Medical Savings Account), you may need to complete and submit a specific request form. Contact the bank that holds your HSA for guidance.
Depending on your particular HSA,  contributions may be made by you, your employer, and even third parties (e.g. your spouse or parent) up to limits set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To achieve the greatest tax benefits with your HSA, try to contribute up to the IRS maximum amount in your account each year.

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