3 Habits of Happy People

Want to live happier and healthier? Check out these habits of happy people and learn how they can improve your mood and help you feel better.

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Searching for the key to happiness? Finding more joy in your life may not be as hard as you think. Not only does an upbeat mood raise your spirits, it can add real benefits to your physical health, too. Research shows that turning these three activities into habits can make a real difference in your happiness quotient. Click through to discover three easy sources of happiness.

Take Your Workout Outside

2 / 4 Take Your Workout Outside

You likely know that regular exercise can give your mood a lift, thanks to the release of calming endorphins. But did you know that getting exercise outdoors (what researchers call “green exercise”) can also make you happy and healthy? An analysis of 10 studies found that any outdoor exercise—from gardening to running or taking a walk—boosted both mood and self-esteem. Short on time? Study participants only had to do an activity for as little as five minutes—and the results were seen almost instantly.

Get Those ZZZs

3 / 4 Get Those ZZZs

Skipping sleep does a lot more than sap your energy the next day. Research shows that not getting enough sleep can affect your mood and relationships—and not in a good way. One study found that taking a nap during the day may improve brain function from lost sleep—it’s not enough to improve your attitude. The solution: Take steps to ensure that you get the sleep you need and maintain those sleep habits to stay healthy and happy.

Lend a Helping Hand

4 / 4 Lend a Helping Hand

While taking time for yourself is important for your emotional wellbeing, giving back to others can lead to an even happier—and longer—life. A review of studies and trials on the health benefits of volunteering showed that participants who volunteered had improved mental health, life satisfaction and lower levels of depression. Not only that, the report indicated a 20 percent reduction in likelihood of death between volunteers and non-volunteers during the time of the study. 

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