What liquids can I drink on a liquid diet?


Drinks included on a clear liquid diet include:

  • Plain water
  • Fruit juices without pulp, such as apple juice, grape juice or cranberry juice
  • Clear, fat-free broth such as bouillon or consommé
  • Clear sodas (i.e. ginger ale)
  • Plain gelatin
  • Honey
  • Ice pops without bits of fruit or fruit pulp
  • Ice chips
  • Tea without cream or sugar
  • Sports drinks like Gatorade
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Now you know liquid diets and how there are two types - clear and full-liquid.

So what's the difference?

Clear liquids, generally speaking, are transparent. Vodka, gin, some liquors and white wine are transparent, but not on the list of acceptable liquids for a liquid diet.

Coffee, however, is. So too, is tea, very good news for our friends across the point. On a clear liquid diet, you can also have clear soup broths, clear fruit juice, clear carbonated drinks (who knew 7-Up was a health food?), popsicles and gelatin.

A full liquid diet is like a clear liquid diet, only you can have liquids that are not clear.

I know, rocket science, right?

Among liquids you can have on a full-liquid diet are milk, ice cream, pudding, cream soups, oatmeal, cream of wheat, honey and purred vegetables. A lot of folks try what is called a modified liquid diet, using protein powers or meal-replacement shakes instead of one or two solid meals, then eating one normal, solid-meal per day. The idea is to ingest reduced calories while the solid food replenishes nutrients that may not be in a liquid diet.

Is your liquid diet ordered by your doctor? Pay close attention to all the advice offered. Planning to start one on your own? Talk to your doctor.