Why are people becoming physically inactive these days?

Better technology is one thing allowing people to do things from palm of their hand or the comfort of their home. Society has become such that everthing is performed electronically and/or behind a desk, in a seated position. People are just not moving as much as they used to. It’s also easier to eat cheap, unhealthy food, versus healthy and wholesome food. As a result of both, obesity has become an epidemic.

There are many reasons people don't exercise but time is one of the biggest reasons people don't exercise. Everyone seems to lead busy lives. That alongside how people prioritize what they have going on in their lives would make it challenging for people to be physically active.

The second reason people are physically inactive is a lack of support. Not only does everyone seem really busy but a busy lifestyle makes it challenging to build community, connect with other people and make friends; leaving people without social support for most things.

The third reason people are physically inactive is because they feel there are a lack of options for physical activity. 

Some other reasons include: lack of knowledge, it's uncomfortable, lack of facilities or equipment and cost. 

As if time, support and lack of options are not enough reasons, throw in a lack of motivation and it becomes even more clear why so many people are physically inactive. The key to motivation is a sense of control over what you are doing, when you are doing it and where. Generally when people feel they don't have control over their time, social support or options they don't feel like they have control over many things.

When people choose something they love or something they think they'll grow to love, add in social support such as friends, co-workers or family members to keep them engaged in the activities and realize there are many options to be physically active, similar to anything new, they begin to realize that they are starting off with a sense of newness and possible discomfort, but those feelings go away; as with anything in life that is new.  

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