What should I do if my child swallows a small toy?

Dr. Jack Merendino, MD
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What to do depends on what your child swallowed. If they swallowed a small plastic toy and do not seem to be at all bothered by it, you can first call your pediatrician and ask if they'd rather you make an appointment with them or go to the emergency room. However, if your child swallowed anything sharp, potentially harmful (like liquids), batteries, or magnets, then you should take them to the ER. In addition, if your child has any symptoms of choking or difficulty breathing or swallowing, then you should go to the ER. Often, children also stick things into their nose or ears, and you can use the same rule -- if they're not bothered by it (and it was something non-sharp like a crayon or food), then you can call your pediatrician first. When in doubt (especially if it's something like a bead in their nose that they could potentially inhale), or if you cannot reach your pediatrician, go to the ER to have it removed.  

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