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What is energy imbalance?

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    Energy balance is the relationship between your energy intake and your energy expenditure, which are both measured in calories. Your basal metabolism, the thermic effect of food, and your physical activities all determine your daily energy needs.

    Energy imbalance occurs when you consume either fewer or more calories than you need daily and can result in weight loss or weight gain. Over time, a chronic energy imbalance results in a change in body weight, either weight loss or weight gain.

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    When we look at the relative health or lack of health in the body, we must consider the significance of energy. Ayurvedic tradition teaches us that our energy is defined by three doshas, each of which embodies a specific kind of energy. Vata energy is of the quality of the air element and regulates the movement of our body and within our body. Pitta energy is of the quality of the fire element and regulates the efficiency with which we're able to metabolize the food and other substances we consume. Kapha energy is of the quality of the earth element and regulates the sturdiness and form of our body.

    If any one of these three doshas exists in a state of imbalance, our energy experiences imbalance in turn and we experience the onset of illness and/or disease. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha imbalances all lead to illness specific to one or more of the doshas, and finding greater energetic balance will resolve the illness in time.

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    Energy imbalance is one of the main causes for most of our health issues here in America. Energy imbalance means that people are not naturally creating or using energy throughout the day, which causes more exaggerated highs and lows of energy.

    Energy imbalance means a deficiency in one or more of the following: nutrition, exercise, sleep and "me time." If any of these are not at an optimum level, it lowers your productivity, immune system, and positive family dynamics.
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