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What are some reasons for not feeling hungry?

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  • The most common reason for someone to not feel hungry is that they either just ate, or they have not burned enough calories since last eating. However, not feeling hungry or not wanting to eat when your body needs the calories is called anorexia and has many causes, including psychological (anorexia nervosa); chronic illness (especially kidney disease); and cancer. If you have anorexia combined with weight loss, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.
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    Approximately three hours after eating a complete meal, you should feel hungry. It may occur even sooner if you're eating five to six smaller meals a day. If you don't, it may be for one of the reasons below.
    • Low blood sugar from not eating properly. You might feel tired, irritable, lightheaded or jittery, and you don't recognize these feelings as hunger. Always think back to when you last ate. This will be your cue.
    • You forget to eat because you're too busy. Be sure to set a regular eating schedule if you're especially busy. Long periods of not eating can lead to overeating.
    • You've always had a weight issue and never felt hunger. It's time to experience hunger. Feeling hungry can happen only if you eat at regular intervals.
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