When will my child with Down syndrome learn to walk?

The age at which a child learns to walk is based on multiple factors and can vary widely, it is difficult to predict the age at which an individual child will take their first steps, but there are average age ranges. For a child with down syndrome learning to walk and building the appropriate muscle strength takes longer than in a child with out down syndrome. The average age to begin walking in a child with down syndrome is 25 months (with a range of 14-42 months), versus a child without down syndrome, where the average age is 13 months with a normal range of 9-17 months.

Each child, regardless of a diagnosis, may have strengths and weaknesses in any given area. Some children with Down syndrome may have good muscle tone and coordination, so there may not be much of a delay with walking. Other children, however, may struggle to achieve the milestone. Generally, children with Down syndrome have learned to walk anywhere between one and four years of age. A child who develops typically, might walk anywhere from nine months to a year-and-a-half.

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