Once I feel nauseated, how can I prevent vomiting?

Jeanne Longbottom
Hospice Nursing

The more important question is the reason you are nauseated or vomiting. For example, if you have a viral infection, or have something irritating in your stomach, vomiting is a way your body protects you. Getting the offensive germ or substance out of the system can be a good idea. Vomiting that is excessive or accompanied by severe pain, high fever, or after a head injury needs to be evaluated by a healthcare professional.

The cause of your nausea can lead you to a possible cure. Nausea related to excessive heat can be relieved by sipping fluids, especially sports drinks, rest with your head up, and cooling the temperature around you. Pregnancy induced nausea can be alleviated with frequent small meals and drinking fluids between meals. Foods containing ginger, and keeping a bland food such as crackers by your bed to nibble before getting up can be helpful. Pregnancy lollipops may also lessen nausea for new moms-to-be. Nausea caused by many conditions can be eased by consuming small, frequent but balanced snacks or meals. The stomach tends to like balance; not too empty, or too full.

Balanced breathing can be used to lighten nausea caused by nervous tension. Take a deep breath in thru the nose; then let those "butterflies in your stomach" out as you exhale, and push them away with a long blowing exhale thru the mouth while letting your muscles soften. Visualize butterflies blowing away and taking your tension with them. The key to relaxation is to practice the breathing when you are not anxious. Get comfortable in a safe place and practice deep breaths which make your stomach puff out a little. Blow your breath out while relaxing your shoulders. Think about the butterflies blowing out into the air. As you become better at relaxing try to soften different muscles when you blow those butterflies out. Good luck and remember practice makes perfect.

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