How common are dental crowns?

Your dentist may have recommended covering one or more of your teeth with dental crowns, and you may be glad to know that this type of dental work is commonly used. A recent study done in Europe found that in England, about a third of the adult population had a crown. A study looking at dental treatment in older people in New York City found that in 270 people over age 55, over 40% had crowns placed. So if your dentist thinks that your tooth (or teeth) could benefit from a dental crown, you can be assured that this is not an unusual type of dental treatment. It's a common way to help protect a tooth that is badly broken or too decayed to be able to support a filling. For more information on dental crowns, talk with your dentist. He or she is a great resource and should be able to answer any questions you may have.
Crowns are very common. They are essential to maintaining teeth with extensive fillings, decay and fractures, both of cusps and internally. Crowns provide a more secure restoration than a regular filling, in that they surround the tooth to act as a splint and thereby aid in the prevention of fracture of weak portions of the tooth.

In addition crowns can provide increased esthetics for teeth with extensive discolored tooth colored fillings or silver fillings.

By providing a way to maintain teeth especially posterior teeth, crowns are very important in stabilizing, restoring and/or rehabilitating the patient's bite (occlusion).

Crowns serve a vital functional purpose, in addition to providing an esthetic improvement.

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