What is functional training equipment?

Functional training equipment usually refers to types of equipment, which allow your body to move in a manner similar to how it would in everyday life situations. Equipment such as cable machines, stability balls, plyometric steps and rubber tubing are just a few of the more notable pieces of functional equipment.

Functional training equipment is apparatus that helps you simulate movements you would perform in work, sport & life.  Usually this equipment allows total body movements in all directions with unrestricted natural motions.  Barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, cable machines, balance balls, boards & beams are all useful pieces of functional training equipment.

Functional training equipment is a type of equipment that allows full freedom of movement that can mimic various life activities and tasks. Popular tools that can enhance function are:
*Plyometric equipment
*Speed Ladders, cones, chutes
*Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells
*Cables, tubing

Functional training equipment is anything that allows you to perform free-form, dynamic exercises wherein your body is free to move in all dimensions. Functional training equipment puts the body in an environment where the exercise path/pattern is dictated by the individual and the stabilization required for proper form is the responsibility of the core and synergist muscles.

Two examples of functional training equipment are TRX Suspension Trainers and kettlebells. Typical strength training machines have an inherent movement pattern that is a product of the machines dimensions. These are great for learning exercises patterns and isolating muscles. TRX and kettlebells however, offer a much more dynamic, versatile environment. Both offer incredible variety as to the exercises that can be performed.

Functional training is becoming very popular within the health and fitness community. This type of training mimics the movements of sports and everyday life much more realistically than most machines. As such, there is a greater carryover of strength and neuromuscular adaptation into 'the real world'. Typically, functional training involves using multiple muscle groups in more than one plane of motion. This offers more 'bang for your buck' workouts.

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