What are the challenges of caring for someone with a neurological disorder?

Neurological disorders, like Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis (MS), can be by nature, significantly disabling. The nature of the disorders is such that the needs of those cared for can be intense, from the cognitive breakdowns of Alzheimer's, which is often accompanied by the physical wearing down and aches and pains of old age, to the unpredictable and often progressive disabilities seen in those with MS.

Providing caregiving for those with neurological disorders can be particularly difficult as the diseases progress. For Alzheimer's or dementia, it is hard to care for someone you love while watching them slowly slipping away or even become volatile or paranoid. For a disease like MS, it can be a struggle to not know the course the disease will take, when your loved one may relapse, how long it will last, and if the disability will continue or worsen. The intensity of care needed for those with neurological disorders such as MS and Alzheimer's can be overwhelming as the diseases progress and the care recipient becomes increasingly oblivious, unable to communicate, and/or disabled.

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