How can I protect a senior parent or loved one from financial fraud?

If you have a senior parent or loved one, you can protect him or her from financial fraud in the following ways:
  • Have your loved one check his or her direct deposit account frequently.
  • Put his or her phone number on the do-not-call list (1-888-382-1222).
  • Warn your loved one that banks do not call and ask for account numbers or other financial information for “verification” purposes. If unsure, a good response is to ask for the caller’s name and number and call him back.
  • Ignore direct mail offers.
  • Ignore lottery or contest-winning notifications.
  • Remind your loved one to keep track of which bills he or she has paid and not to pay bills that don’t seem legitimate.
  • Inform your loved one that there are Medicare drug card scams and that legitimate plans are not sold over the phone or door-to-door. Nor do legitimate plans require financial information as part of the application process. Call Medicare directly to get a list of approved plans (1-800-Medicare).
  • Talk about powers of attorney early, when everyone is in a position to make lucid, clear decisions. All too often, predators con seniors into signing over their decision-making rights via a power of attorney and then deplete the senior’s financial assets. Beware. Sadly, these predators can be family members.
  • If your loved one has been contacted about a reverse mortgage opportunity, contact the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) to ensure that the opportunity is not a scam.
  • It’s always better to be proactive than reactive. Talk candidly with your loved one about current and future needs. Research available options so that he or she is not in a position that would force a bad decision.

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