What is clavicular breathing?

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Clavicular breathing is breathing into the top third of the lungs and no deeper. Clavicular breathing is accomplished by raising the collarbone (clavicle) and shoulders during the inbreath and keeping the rest of the torso motionless. Clavicular breathing is the most shallow type of breathing. It brings oxygen into only the top third of your lungs.


Many women, particularly those who have had children, engage in clavicular breathing. Pregnancy makes it difficult for expectant mothers to breathe deeply, and the nine months of shallow breathing often ingrain the bad habit of breathing high and shallow even after childbirth. But many men are also clavicular breathers, particularly those who are overweight. Men with a “spare tire” have a slouching posture that inhibits deep breathing and they simply have never learned to draw breath any deeper into their lungs. In fact, many people take to smoking cigarettes partly because of the satisfying feeling that comes from pulling the oxygen - even more than the smoke - deeper into their lungs when they inhale. Pranic breathing can be an effective way to break the smoking habit.

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