What are the disadvantages of the armpit incision for breast augmentation?

Arthur W. Perry, MD
Arthur W. Perry, MD
Plastic Surgery
Breast implants can be placed through incisions made under the breast in the crease, around the areola, in the armpit, or through the belly button.

While the armpit incision waxes and wanes in popularity, it has many associated problems. It eliminates scars from the breasts -- but it moves the scars to a more public location, under the arm. The scar is totally visible when the woman wears a bathing suit or a sleeveless shirt or dress. In 5% of people, the scars are red and raised. Even if the scars are perfect, little hair will grow along them, creating a noticeable rift in the stubble. A few women develop a numb area on the inside of their arm, and a small number will sustain a more serious nerve injury. Surgery performed through these incisions is harder to make symmetric; one breast could be higher than the other or off to the side. Finally, to assure a safe surgery, the scar must be longer than if made under the breasts.
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