Are back extension exercises safe?

Yes, provided that proper technique is utilized throughout the movement, back extension exercises are safe and effective exercises that can help improve stability, strength, and endurance of the hip and back muscles.  Be cautious with these exercises and only use your bodyweight as resistance until your strength improves.  Also, be careful not to perform the movement too quickly and not to go too far into the end range of motion.  Essentially, you only want to raise the upper body until your head and back are in line with your legs and not any higher.  Seek the assistance of a qualified health and fitness professional if you are unsure how to perform the movement correctly or how to incorporate it into your fitness program.

Back extensions are safe. Starting with a floor back extension, there is very little to no spinal movement.  Lie face down on the floor, nose pointing at the floor, you will start by going into a triple extension of calves, quads and glutes. Next the belly button is drawn in to raise your chest only to just up off the floor. It’s a very small movement liken to a mini prone crunch.  

For an unstable back extension, go to a stability ball and do just as you did on the floor. Because of the stability ball is squishy, when you drawn in your belly button, your hips will press down into the ball and give you the impression you can raise of higher but only come to level. This is not a cobra where you would arch upward. 

So many people now days live very sedentary lives and because of it more and more people have low back problems and back extensions are be so beneficial to strengthening this area.

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