Is apple juice better for me than soda?

Fred Pescatore, MD
General Practice
Good grief, NO!!!!!!! It actually has more sugar in it than the equivalent amount of soda. Sugar is the culprit in disease.
Deborah Beauvais
Nutrition & Dietetics
Due to the fact that apple juice contains a variety of nutrients in addition to the sugar it is better for you than soda.

Apple juice may have more sugar than a soda or carbonated beverage, but the sugar in 100% juices is fructose which is naturally occurring in the fruit; in addition to the sugar, juice contains a variety of valuable nutrients (depending on the type of juice) that soda does not have: Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

With either of these beverages it is very important to pay attention to portion sizes as the calories form either of these beverages add up quickly. 8 oz of 100% juice is part of a well-balanced daily diet.

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