What are some dangers of raising spoiled children?

Michele Borba
Two out of three parents feel their kids are spoiled! Beware: spoiling a child is rarely a parent’s goal, but is easy to do. Here are just a few disadvantages of raising a spoiled child and signs to watch for. Spoiling children:

Increases unpleasantness. Kids are turned off by their bossy and selfish behaviors. Adults don’t like their often rude and excessive demands.

Lowers persistence. Things come a bit easier and spoiled kids are used to getting their way, so they often have a tougher time with life’s downsides and give up quicker.

Curbs self-esteem. Self-centered individuals have a higher likelihood of troubled relationships, depression, anxiety and lower self-esteem.

Reduces satisfaction and appreciation. Getting “too much” can make a child perpetually unappreciative and become a chronically dissatisfied adult.

Diminishes empathy and character. If more concerned about your needs you diminish the capacity to identify for other people’s wants and needs. The long-term danger: Raising a child with “truncated character” whose concern is always Me-Me-Me!

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