How common is amenorrhea?

At any given time secondary amenorrhea occurs in less than five percent of women who have reached a reproductive age, and primary amenorrhea in less than one percent. However, there are several common conditions that can cause a disruption in the menstrual cycle, including: stress, poor nutrition, excessive exercise, or illness. Amenorrhea indicates an imbalance of normal bodily functions, but there are times when an absence of menstruation is considered normal and healthy. For example, before puberty occurs, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or after menopause.

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Is it ever normal to experience amenorrhea?
Dr. Shelley C. Giebel, MDDr. Shelley C. Giebel, MD
Women can also stop having menstrual cycles on the birth control pills, this is called pill amenorrh...
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Are there medications to treat primary amenorrhea?
Diana MeeksDiana Meeks
Treatment options for primary amenorrhea will vary based on the cause of the absent period. Primary ...
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What increases my risk for amenorrhea?
Diana MeeksDiana Meeks
Because amenorrhea can be caused by a number of conditions, several risk factors must be considered:...
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Are there medications to treat secondary amenorrhea?
Sigma NursingSigma Nursing
Treatment options for secondary amenorrhea will vary based on the cause of the absent period. Second...
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