Balance Training: A Great Anti-Aging Tool

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with a great anti ageing secret, improve your balance. Poor balance leads to falls among older people and to serious injuries, but the good news is that balance training can help you maintain your neuromuscular connections as you age. An analysis of balance studies found that muscle strengthening and balance retraining programs can decrease your risk of falls by 45%.

The martial art Tai Chi is a great way to improve your balance. It emphasize gentle movements and stretching. Studies show that older people who practice Tai Chi have a significantly better sense of joint position and better reaction times than peers who don't do balance intense activities. Ageing golfers also have a great sense of balance and reaction. That makes sense, since a good golf swing requires not only good balance but coordinated muscle activity throughout the swing.

Whether you do Tai Chi, golf, or enjoy another activity, aim for overall fitness and leg strength to maintain your balance. You'll avoid nasty spills and enjoy doing the things you love for years to come. I'm Dr Wright, look for more health and fitness tips right here.