Simple Yoga Moves for Better Sex

Strengthen your muscles, improve your mood, and turn your love life up a notch.

Updated on May 6, 2022

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Yoga is a low-impact workout that can help calm your mind, ease joint and lower back pain, and reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. But did you know that yoga can also improve your sex life by boosting your confidence and strengthening certain muscles? That’s right—yoga's physical poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayamas) encourage sexual satisfaction.

“Technically, yoga means ‘to join,’ and the whole purpose is to foster mindfulness,” says OBGYN Kimberly Larson-Ohlsen, MD, of the Medical Center of Aurora in Colorado. Dr. Larson-Ohlsen says practicing yoga two to three times a week can help tremendously in the bedroom. Here are three reasons it works, along with four moves to get you started.

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Benefit #1: Boosts confidence

“For women especially, sex is about how you feel in your relationship—whether or not you feel supported and attractive,” says Dr. Larson-Ohlsen. Regular yoga practice strengthens your body, which can improve self-esteem, too. “Women who practice yoga tend to be less critical of their bodies and have more confidence.”


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Benefit #2: Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles

Larson-Ohlsen says if you can strengthen and stretch your pelvic floor muscles they will feel revitalized and relaxed. “When you’ve invigorated those areas, you can enjoy things or experience sexual encounters much more mindfully,” she adds. For women who experience pelvic pain during sex, yoga moves that target your pelvic floor muscles may reduce discomfort.

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Benefit #3: Improves your mindset

In order to connect with your partner during sex—and enjoy the pleasure of the act—you have to have the right mindset. Distractions can diminish sexual arousal, performance, and satisfaction. Yoga helps improve your attention span, concentration, mood, and mind-body connection, allowing you to be more present in the moment.

Yoga's anti-anxiety and mood-boosting benefits aren't fleeting, either; Larson-Ohlsen says they can last for weeks and weeks afterwards. But remember, because yoga trains you to put yourself in a focused, relaxed state of mind, these benefits may vary depending on how well you can achieve and maintain that.

So what moves should you try? Here are some simple poses that can turn things up a notch in the bedroom.

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Move #1: Cobra

Lie with your stomach and tops of your feet on the floor, spread your hands out under your shoulders, and then pull your elbows back into your body. As you press the tops of your feet, thighs and pelvis into the floor, breathe in and lift your chest off the floor while extending your arms. (Think of it as a backbend rooted from the floor.) Hold for up to 30 seconds and repeat a few times.

Sexual benefits: helps relieve stress and anxiety, increases flexibility, stimulates abdominal muscles and stretches the chest, lungs, shoulders, and abs

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Move #2: Bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet hip-width apart. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, bring your hips slowly towards the ceiling. Interlace your fingers under your hips and push your shoulder blades together. Try holding for 10 breaths, inhaling and exhaling.

Sexual benefits: stretches and strengthens hip and pelvic floor muscles

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Move #3: Pigeon

Sit on a yoga mat. Bend one of your legs in front of you, so your shin is almost parallel with the side of the mat; your heel should rest near your groin. Stretch your opposite leg out behind you. Lower to your forearms and gently rest your head in your arms. Hold for five minutes and repeat on the other side.

Sexual benefits: opens and relaxes hips, relaxes your mind, and encourages you to be present in the moment

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Move #4: Frog

Get into a table-top position with your knees on the ground and your palms in front of you. Gently slide your knees out wide until you feel an opening stretch. Move your feet so they are open behind your knees and flexed outward, inner arches facing the ground. Your shoulders should be over your elbows and weight should rest in your forearms, hands, and hips. Make sure your spine is lengthened by pressing the crown of your head forward, relaxing your shoulders towards your spine and your tailbone toward your heels.

Sexual benefits: increases lung power by facilitating breathing, reduces stress and anxiety, opens groin area

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