4 Tips to Prevent Arthritis

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with some tips to protect your joints. Staying lumber and pampering your joints can keep you from being among the 1 million new cases of arthritis a year. First ladies, listen up. It's time to kick off your heels, high heel can shorten and stiffen your Achilles tendons which reduces your ankle's range of motion and opens the door to knee arthritis, try cushioned flats, or limit the time you have to step in stilettos.

Stick to gentler workouts. If you have itchy joints, you want low impact exercise like walking or swimming. You can even ease into light weight lifting, strengthening the muscles above and below your affected joints can turn them into protective shock absorbers. Don't stay glued to the computer for hours, get up every 15-30 minutes to walk or stretch.

Movement keeps healthy joints youthful and stimulates your synovial fluid, that's what keeps your joints looped. Lose weight. It's easier said than done, but slimming down can drastically cut your arthritis risk and help your arteries. For more ways to stay strong and healthy, watch all our smart tips, right here.