What Are Some Safety Guidelines for Generic Drugs and Medications?

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A few ways to stay safe with the generics, are first, if it's working for you, stay with it, but look at the bottle, because you need to check who the manufacturer is, there could be many other companies making slightly different generics out there and if these one is working for you, you can actually request that one from your pharmacist, when you get the refill and if they don't have it, you're free to call around and find the pharmacies that sells it.

Another thing you want to do with generics is be particular cautious with extended release products, these are the ones end in -xl, -sr, or -er and the reason is that all of the active ingredients still has to be the same on those generics. The pill itself, the technology for releasing that drug steadily over in an extended period of time, can be very different in fact it's probably still apart on the original ones, so they have to come with a new one and you might be getting a drug with a very different rate and not even observing the same amount as with the branded medication.

A third thing that you want to do with the generic, is this monitor how you do on that product, because you may be the first one to really know that there's a problem. As I said, the government is not checking safety and efficacy of these products. So consumers are really kind of the canary in the coal mine with generic drugs.