Want Another Reason to Quit Smoking? Your Kids!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altmann. If you're a smoker you probably know that secondhand smoke is bad for your kids. It boosts their risk of everything from ear infections to asthma and pneumonia. It's also linked to sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS but here's the consequence of secondhand smoke that you might know about.

It can make preschoolers snore and even a little kid can snore like a lumberjack. A recent study linked snoring among preschoolers with exposure to secondhand smoke. So, if your little one is sawing wood at night you know what I recommend, stop smoking. And if your tyke comes into contact with anyone else who smokes, say a grandparent or other caregiver, it's a good reason for them to quit smoking too.

Your kids will thank you for it, and your house could be a whole lot quieter at night. I'm Dr. Altman, for more ways to protect your whole family's good health check out all our smart tips. [MUSIC].