What Disorders Are Sometimes Misdiagnosed As Autism In Children?

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The most common sort of this misdiagnosed in one with mental retardation. The parental community, the professional community [xx] often thinks the child with autism actually has mental retardation, or so they'll receive that diagnosis as opposed to mental retardation. There's a similarity in that child autism, their IQ test reveal they're in mental retarded range, however it's because they're not listening to information as as often because they're not testable, it's because they haven't taken in any information because they haven't been observers, so the test may be in that range truly they don't have mental retardation, and so you'll see misdiagnosed often mental retardation what's really autism.

Another one that could sometimes confuses ADHD, but child autism will present with some of the features of ADHD, but they don't have ADHD, they have autism because besides the activity level, they have communication deficit and social deficit, so that's a second diagnosis. A third diagnosis that you'll see, sometimes see a disorder because it can mimic autism in some ways, but once again, a good diagnostician can take a look at mental retardation ADHD, see the disorders, and really see that it's autism it's not one of those disorders.