Abdominal pain

Stomach pain can make you feel miserable. Whether it's located in the lower, left, right, or upper area of your belly, learn the possible causes and treatments.


If your stomach hurts, it could be for a wide variety of reasons: bloating from gas, a pulled muscle, or just an overly large, spicy, or greasy meal.

But when your abdominal pain doesn’t go away, that can be cause for concern.

While educating yourself online is a good start, it's important to see your healthcare provider (HCP) to discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, family history, and recent activities so you can get a proper diagnosis.

By working together, you can find the answers you need to live an active and healthy life.

Of course, if your pain is severe—or if it's accompanied by other symptoms, like diarrhea, fever, or blood in your stool—it's best to go to the emergency room or urgent care.

Abdominal pain causes

When your belly aches, it could be for any number of reasons. These range from gas, to a pulled abdominal muscle, to diverticulitis, or appendicitis. Discover the possible causes of your pain and be sure to discuss what's happening with your HCP.

Abdominal pain symptoms

Older man holding his stomach in pain.

How do you know when your abdominal pain needs immediate medical attention? Where is the pain located? Is it in the upper, lower, right, or left abdominal area? Is the pain so severe that you can’t focus on anything else? Are you also vomiting or having difficulty breathing? Is there chest pain? Does the pain shoot to your back? Find out what these symptoms mean and when you should go to the ER.

Abdominal pain diagnosis

Depending on the type and location of your pain as well as other factors, your HCP may use several different methods for diagnosing the cause. These may include X-rays, laboratory testing, or colonoscopy. Find out what to expect at your HCP’s office.

Abdominal pain treatment

Woman with stomach pain sitting on the couch.

When you have abdominal pain, you want relief fast. But what is the right treatment for your pain? Your HCP will work with you to determine the best course of action. Read on to find out what those treatments may entail.

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