What Does My Favorite Coffee Drink Say About My Personality?

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Our personalities have a lot to do with all of the choices we make in any given day, and particularly around some of the habits we have, whether it's what we eat, what we drink and the choices we make in those phases. So let's use coffee because that's a choice many of us make every single day, perhaps even multiple times a day.

For example, things that we'd expect, and this is related to even survey results we've seen, is that the black coffee drinker tends to be patient and very straightforward and that's a marked contrast to sort of that decaf, super soy, double latte foamy drinker who by the time they even get their order out, the black coffee drinker is already out the door and on their way to work.

So there's very different approaches and that sort of super orderer might also be quite controlled and controlling. These are different kinds of personality types, and obviously they have pros and cons. In some ways being easy going can be good, but sometimes it's not always good because it means for example we may not pay as much attention to our health.

We also can look at other kinds of coffee drinkers for example the people who buy those super caloried frozen drinks that are more like milkshakes and coffee. They tend to be young and imaginative and child like and fun and that's all great they're probably a lot of fun to be with but the problem is that those drinks are often full of calories.

And so many times coffee is used as a pick-me-up but it also it can become a receptacle for a lot of extra calories through milk, through sugar, through buying blended drinks, that can sometimes have 3-500 calories. And drinking calories is never a great or efficient way to get those calories.

So keep in mind that your personality can drive your choices and those choices can sometimes not be as healthy as you think.