How Can I Improve My Body Image?

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When we think about improving our body image, the first place people go with like I have to lose weight. It's actually quite the contrary. The best way to improve your body image is to take care of your body and what that means is to not punish it but to nourish it with good healthy food that you enjoy, to move that body, to appreciate that body and one of the ways to do this is sort of the way of how you dress it, a big issue for many women is that they dress to the weight or the size that they want to be rather than the one that they are at and many times they're wearing ill fitting clothes or clothes that are too tight.

That doesn't make sense. Perhaps you are trying to loose weight, perhaps you are targeting some other size, but your body image is where you are today, so cerebrating that body, dressing in a way that brings out the best in you and finally, it's about filling your life up with stuff that's important and meaningful to you.

When you love the way you spend your days, the people you're with, the things that you do, that translates into loving everything about yourself, including your body. So this is about taking care of the body you have, sleeping, eating, moving it as well as making sure you fill your life with stuff that's important and meaningful to you, altogether that will lead to good body image today.

Here are some strategies for enhancing your body image cause remember body image isn't about your body, it's actually what's going on up here. One thing I suggest to people is come up with five adjectives that describe you. Not your body, not your appearance but you. Describe your soul list those adjectives because I'm guessing they're actually going to be really positive.

And write them on a post it, put it on your bathroom mirror, put them on your front door, so you see them, because when you see those, that's a way to stop the negative body image talk and fill yourself with other thoughts. Another thing I suggest to people, is go on a one day challenge where you don't do any fat talk, where you don't attack your body, get your friends in on the challenge.

You all go out together and you are not allowed to put your bodies down, and if you catch one of your friends doing it, you tell them, stop! Another thing I suggest is that you start putting complements out there, when you make the world about a positive place to your world, then you don't have to focus on other people's bodies but really, what they do, thanks for helping with that, you made my day better, it's so wonderful to see you, those kinds of compliments, you change your environment and that positive feedback can often translate it to better image and all parts of you including your body image, and finally, one thing I tell everyone is talk to yourself the way you would lovingly talk to a child, or somebody else that you love.

If you want to, love other people, the most important place is to start with yourself. We tend to say, far more harsh things to ourselves, than we'd ever say to someone else, so before you open your mouth and insult yourself, think about what it will feel like if you said this to someone you care about and hopefully that helps you stop some of that fat talk and some of anti body image.